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Re: January Challenge Entry: The Nature of the Beast

That may be, as a stand-alone story, one of the best things I've ever read of yours. If the Strange New Worlds contest still ran I would encourage you to enter it. What you pulled off was darn near impossible-you described the intangible in a way that made it exist clearly for the reader. Oddly enough, considering some of the things I know about you, after you had your Gul explain how a Cardassian could form the will to rebel, in that part where he describes assigning a "higher calling" to the intangibles needed to form a rebellion, you missed a bet, a thing Humans could have used to germinate the same impulses-religion. I thought that was where you were going with that. Still the best thing I've read by you-that you missed a path I happened to see detracts nothing from your effort. (And the length of this should tell you how impressed I was-I never post long reviews.)
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