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Re: eBook Formats and Readers ?'s

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The Apple Tablet, possibly called the iSlate, is only a few weeks from being announced. Availability is rumored to be a mere month away. I would wait.
If there is going to be such a device, it won't be an eBook reader. So keep it out of the equation as it doesn't fit.
I can read PDF format on my iPod Touch. I expect the tablet to use the iPod/iPhone OS, but even if it uses Snow Leopard it will still support Acrobat.

Lee wrote:
I just wanted to point out that any discussion of Apple's soon-to-be-released device should mention that this device will be backlit, just like normal computer displays and iPhones. Many people don't feel comfortable reading for long periods of time on a backlit screen. This is why the e-Ink technology used in the Kindle, Sony and Nook have proven to be so popular, it's just as comfortable reading on it as reading a physical book.

I have the Kindle app on my iPhone and I love it for when I want to read for ten minutes on the subway. But if I'm going to do some serious reading (say, longer than 20 minutes), I go to my Kindle. I would never want to do that kind of reading on a backlit screen.
The backlight doesn't bother me. I read a computer screen for 8+ hrs a day. On a bus when the ambient light is constantly changing, it is a bit of an irritation, though. But on the other hand, it is rarely sunny in Portland Oregon. :-)
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