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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Despite being 100% skeptical before, I voted excellent. I really liked the movie, being a CGI guy I ofcourse was paying extra attention to the effects. I loved the way the ships moved to warp, the battle scenes, and that kind of 70's sunlight. (I still think the flares are a bit distracting, but I must admit I use them more then I did before because of this movie... )

The only thing that still bothers me is the design and size of the Enterprise and the engineering section. It would have been better to go all the way "new". (Instead of "melting" the TMP refit.)

Overall, I'm pretty confident that this was a very succesfull and perhaps well needed "restart" of the franchise. I hope Paramount/CBS is smart enough to translate it into a new "TNG era" series in this new timeline, after the last movie.
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