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Re: Dr Who/Star Trek Crossover WAS planned by RTD

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^ Has anyone ever written a story where the evil Federation in B7 and the benevolent one in ST were one and the same?
Not in the pro world, that I know of. It's easy to reconcile, though, if you go with Robert Wolfe's pitch for the post-fall-of-the-Federation sort of thing (which eventually became Andromeda, but, hey, B7 is better).

Blakes 7 is set in at least the 28th Century, probably further than that - it could also be be the Federation in the "wrong" timeline in Shockwave, or in some other Time War, er, Temporal Cold War timeline.
Well it's the 800th year of the new calander (I think), and the new calender could have started anytime so it could be the 51st Century is you wanted it to be.

I'd rather a Who/B7 crossover than a Trek/B7 crossover. Having said that I did write a very short comedy fanfic once where the Ent D met the Liberator. Basically Picard said this is the Federation ship Enterprise and Avon started firing the moment he heard the word Federation!

There are quite a few aliens in B7, not as many as Trek I know, but far enough in the future you could argue the Auronar are Betazoids!

I'd love to see the Doctor turn up sometime after Blake, at the very least I bet Jacqui Pearce would love to play Servalan again--just a shame Peter Tuddenham died because the Doctor and Orac trying to out genius each other would have been brilliant. I wonder if there are enough Orac samples to do it?

Unlikely to ever happen given that the BBC don't own the rights to B7 anymore (shame really, given they're brining everything else from the 70s and 80s back they'd have got around to B7 eventually)
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