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Re: Star Trek: War Aftermath (my own DS9 relaunch)

Coming this summer: the sequel to Star Trek: War Aftermath Episode 1, The True Way, Episode 2, Omega.

A century before the Dominion War, the Ku'Vok-leth (The Honor Brigade) was a prominent military faction within the Klingon Empire. When the Empire and the Federation made peace, the Ku'Vok-leth became far less influential. Following the Dominion War, the Klingon High Council began turning a blind eye to the actions of the Ku'Vok-leth. Now, this anti-Federation group plans on using one of the biggest scientific discoveries, a single particle capable of destroying subspace, as a weapon. Retired Starfleet captain Benjamin Sisko must reunite with his former colleagues to stop these Klingon radicals before they can cut off a strategically important star system from the Federation forever. But this conspiracy turns out to be more than just a simple act of terrorism, as Section 31, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Dominion have a vested interest in the events of the next few days.

Changes since the last story:
* With Bajor now part of the Federation, the Bajoran Militia was absored into Starfleet. Kira and Ro are now Starfleet officers.
* Benjamin Sisko has returned from the Prophets' timeless realm and is now on indefinite leave from Starfleet, living on Bajor with Kasidy, Jake, and two-year old daughter Rebecca.
* Elias Vaughn, now sharing the duties of Defiant CO with Kira, finds the more mundane duties as first officer of a space station harder to ignore and has put in for a berth on one of the Luna-class ships bound for the Beta and Gamma Quadrants.
* Nog is the station's chief of operations.
* Recent intelligence reveals that the Romulans may be providing support to the True Way on Cardassia, now led by a government-in-exile.
* The events leading to the death of Senator Vreenak are a source of great debate in the Romulan Star Empire, which has led to renewed hostilities between the Federation and the Romulans.
"Desperate Alliances" are forged.
Join the hunt to stop "Omega".
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