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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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After watching all of these within 7 weeks, I feel like I can watch them again. But Im gonna wait a few years.
Uh huh.
What will really happen is that you will watch it again within the next year..maybe even within six months.
Then, when you have watched it a second time, loving it even more then the first, you will think that you need to have someone else watch it too because of it pure awesomeness! You will convince them to watch it but in order for that to happen you will have to watch it with them in case they miss its pure awesomeness. This cycle will repeat ad nauseum.
No. I dont want to get burned out on it like Star Trek. I will drag it out every few years and have mini marathons I think. But you are right this is an awesome show. Most definitely my favorite scifi/fantasy show.
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