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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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You know, I've never watched 24--but from what I've heard, I can see where you get that.
Well...there's a particular moment from the very first episode, where Jack stares out of his office, looking like he's feeling very alone, as he says to his second in command, " can look the other way once, and it's no big deal--except it makes it easier to do it again, and again...until that's all you're doing, is compromising--because you think that's how it's done...."

He's torn because of how much he's changed already, because of his job...and he knows all too well that more changing is ahead.

I'm very glad you liked the Spirodopoulos-Macet interaction...putting those two together is definitely something I enjoy because they play so nicely off of each other.

...As for Starfleet's reaction to all of this...well, if he gets home, we'll have to see!
Yup. That pair is awesome. At the very least...surely Gul Macet will put in a good word for him...and in the interests of peaceful relations with the Union, surely the Federation will respect Macet's wishes that Spiro be rewarded for his bravery.

BTW--I see Spiro is a veteran of AR-558. Whould this be during or after the episode?

Picard...I do not really think highly of him. He has his moments in certain missions, but when he's in a tough situation, or when he has one of his holier-than-thou moments (which are very frequent), I want to smack him.
Yup. Take "Silicone Avatar". It seems like Picard would rather have more Federation citizens die rather than kill the creature--and that anyone who suggests otherwise (even RIKER) is just out for revenge!

Still...I think he grows a great deal as the show the point where, in "Descent", he acknowledges that, sometimes, his moralizing can be far more harm than good.

I think a good, effective clash appears in "Destiny", where Ezri and Picard effectively provide a balance for each other. Picard prefers to stop-and-think-for-a-moment, Ezri prefers to stop-talking-and-do-something!, etc.

I think he's matured enough, by the time of the films, to be willing to get off the stupid high-horse and get his hands dirty once in a while.
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