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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Superb exchange between Makis (NOW I recall his first name!) and Macet. Good, clever interaction between these two leaders. If there's any justice in this universe, when all this is over, Spiro should get his own starship command.

(BTW...while I wouldn't call Picard naive...still, I see where you're coming from, as, while Picard is my favorite of the Big Five, I am often VERY frustrated at Picard's usual unwillingness to bend in order to do what has to be done, because We Must Never Compromise Our Values And Principles....)

Liked the amusing, tongue-in-cheek sequence of the shower--and the "bottle-bath" ()!

My favorite moment, however, is when Spiro analyzes himself in the mirror.

Somehow, though the two men in no way resemble each other (except, perhaps for the soft-yet-tough voice)...Spiro reminds me a great deal of Jack Bauer. (Just catching up on the first season of 24, and Jack has a LOT of moments like that.)

Well done!
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