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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

I'm probably one of the few who wish they had gone even further with the remastering. I have all three seasons of TOS on DVD, both the original and remastered. I can watch either whenever I choose. I prefer the remastered version to the original simply because the picture quality is lightyears better. I watch them on a 42 inch, Magnavox HD plasma TV with a 500-watt 5.1 channel surround unit. I usually watch the episodes in "cinema" mode so that they fill the screen without being horizontally stretched. It is a truely awesome experience. In some cases, I do wish they had gone farther with the updating of the effects. I would have liked to have seen better transporter effects. In some TOS-R episodes, you can still see the matte lines around the characters during transport. I also wish that some of the screen displays would have been updated. One that comes to mind is the scene in WNMHGB when Spock is reading about Mitchell and Dehner. It would have looked much better if that had been updated to a more modern looking computer screen display instead of old typing paper projections. But that's just my opinion. They could have done so much more. But I think they held back so that the transitions between new/old effects wouldn't be so obvious. But I still love the original too. I can and do live with both.
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