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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope


Thanks so much for your commentary on these chapters.

RE. Chapter 7

No, Chewbacca never met Han, he was actually saved by Yoda in this reality during the Battle of Kashykk, but during the chaos that followed, he ended up on Tatooine and in the fate we see here.

RE. Chapter 8

Glad you liked the whole smuggler's bar scene - I really love Ana and her crew, and glad that the Obi-Wan/Luke parallel was visible.

RE. Chapter 9

I really wanted to have a slightly different take on the Sith here, so I'm happy that has played out in a good way for you. Leia is a very important character in this story and her storyline is going to have some major ramifications.

The Badger

Thanks for the encouragement. Like I said above, new stuff by Friday, I hope!

USS Avenger

Sorry to disappoint, but hopefully a new Mara/Luke chapter up by Friday.
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