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Re: The Problems of Remastering TNG, DS9 & VOY

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That is unfortunate if only for the fact that with the proliferation of larger and larger HDTV screens, all older TV shows - not just ST - don't look all that great when played. It is almost to the point now where I only want to watch HD signals or Blu-rays on the large screen. If I want to watch anything else I go to the Sony CRT. When it goes, I'll need to get a 'small' HDTV so the signal still remains relatively decent. There is, of course, upscaling, but frankly the quality of the picture is still noticeable. I would hope than in the future, technology will be in a position to be able to overcome the problems that exist now with transfers. Don't really know enough about these things, though.
There's an old trick for watching low resolution video files with a better quality - play them on your PC and adjust the Windows resolution to 1024x768 or even 800x600. This way they look much better than when you watch them on a Full HD television screen.
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