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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

Had another mega Farscape Marathon tonight. I'm getting a bit sad we're approaching the end. It's been great watching this series again, and everything so soon.

Unrealized Reality, Kansas, and Terra Firma: I think if you watch Kansas right after UR, it will help you understand UR much better. On it's own, UR was an amazing episode, but these three make such a great storyline at this point of the season. As for Kansas, this one really is a great episode, and I have more to say about Terra Firma Below.

Twice Shy - After the brilliance that was the last three episodes, this one seems so thin in comparison. Probably my second least favorite episode of the season, preceeded by Coup by Clam.

Mental as Anything - I didn't notice any bugs on this episode. Might have been a particular disc. As for the episode, another one I really like even though I wonder if it had been better in Season 2.

Bringing Home the Beacon - Is it just me, or is this episode just really really sad at the end. For one, it's a reminder that the season is close to ending and so is the series, and two, John lost Aeryn for a time. I really like the political ramifications on this one and it really does a good job setting up Katratci, but when John saw the Bioloid at the end, that set off an emotional spark in me even though I've seen this episode a few other times. Of course I know in Part II of We're So Screwed, we get Kick Ass Aeryn back, but that's quite a ways.

As for Terra Firma, this is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Most series that have the goal of getting home always end either they get home and that's it or they don't get home. I know this series has grown so much from the original premise of getting John Home, but part of the reason I love this episode was because it did bring him home, finishing a goal, and now we get to see Consequences. Everyone always says BSG is what they wanted to see in Voyager, well, Terra Firma is what I wanted to see in Voyager Season 7. Given it's the 13th episode of Farscape's final season, I think it's really cool that yes a goal has been reached and we get to see how much it changes John.

As for the Change, I'm not sure if there were many complaints about bringing the issue of 9/11/01 into this episode, but I absolutely love it. Perhaps it might make the episode dated, but I really don't think so. I think this show knew how much damage that day caused to the entire world, even way before we really did. Of course this episode aired in 2003, but it did a good job conveying the sense of paranoia we're still feeling today.

I will definitely finish the series this week (Probably not the mini) and it's been a great ride to revisit. I think I'm still convinced Farscape is my favorite show ever.
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