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Re: Dune newbie questions

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(You can actually see they are clearly using *backdrops* in the desert scenes in the first mini...
The use of backdrops is not uncommon; Stargate SG-1 did it all the time. But the real problem was that the sand they ordered for the set arrived in the wrong color, so it didn't match the backdrops, and they didn't have the time or money to replace it.

JD wrote: View Post
Really? I was kinda nervous about it since the condensed 774 pages (336 for CM and 408 for CoD) into one miniseries.
CoD Part 1 is essentially Dune Messiah; parts 2 and 3 are the actual Children of Dune story.

They do condense a few things, but it works. Reading the books does add texture and complexity to some of the miniseries scenes, though.

Besides, it's got Alice Krige!

As for the music, a disproportionate number of movie trailers over the past few years have used music from Children of Dune, because the music just screams "EPIC" in every way. Even Star Trek's trailer did.
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