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Re: Dr Who/Star Trek Crossover WAS planned by RTD

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You know the 4th Doctor (well sort of) did appear in a TOS novel for like a few seconds. I believe it was My Enemy, My Ally.
Correct. Uhura is watching an episode in the Rec Room.
IIRC its the rec chief and Uhura trying to get an episode to play in full 3d Holonovel fashion...

Unless that's in Ishmael, speaking of which

The Doctor also appears, as a character, in Ishmael, .
Two of them! (Two and Four) plus Han Solo, Starbuck and Apollo, and various others... Then there's the Brig and a Sgt Benson (sic) in How Much For Just The Planet

Of course us DW writers have done similar in-jokes for years. But on the more straightforward front... I dunno whether I should admit to this, but you if listen to Unregenerate and read On The Spot, that's the same alien species...
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