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Re: Dr Who/Star Trek Crossover WAS planned by RTD

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I still think the best DW/ST crossover would be Tom Baker's Doc meeting Kirk's crew. Lots of larger than life characters all round there, while I think Baker and Nimoy would have meshed well. While he and Shatner could have competed in the overacting stakes ...
That was actually done in writing about 20 years ago. I read it in an old mag that I think was called Fantasy Empire (but don't quote me on that title). I want to say John Peel concocted it, but I could be wrong.
I suspect, Peacemaker, that you're thinking of Jean Airey's "The Doctor and the Enterprise," which was published originally back in 1981 in a fanzine, and then reprinting in other fanzines (like Enterprise Encounters) subsequently. And then there was the Pioneer Press version where all the characters were renamed so that it could sold as satire and Hal Schuster could make a quick buck.

Curiously, there's been some recent discussion of the story. There's an ongoing thread in Treklit where there's some mention of Airey's story, and there's a thread in the Fan Fic forum as well.

The mention by Tomalak of Sarah is puzzling, as she doesn't appear in "The Doctor and the Enterprise." The fourth Doctor is traveling alone with K-9, so I've always placed it during the the "Invasion of Time"/"Ribos Operation" gap.
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