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Re: Dune newbie questions

1) The Sci-Fi Channel miniseries is much closer to the book. I prefer it in all ways, although some are turned off by its more theatrical-looking sets and length.

2) Assuming you like Dune and want to read everything, I would read in chronological order:

1) Legends of Dune trilogy (Butlerian Jihad, Machine Crusade, Battle of Corrin)
2) House trilogy (Atreides, Harkonnen, Corrino)
3) Dune (it's worth a reread, and you'll have more knowledge of everyone's backstory)
4) Paul of Dune
5) Dune Messiah
6) Winds of Dune
7) Children of Dune
8) God Emperor of Dune
9) Heretics of Dune
10) Chapterhouse: Dune
11) Hunters of Dune
12) Sandworms of Dune

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