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Re: Dr Who/Star Trek Crossover WAS planned by RTD

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I reckon such a crossover could maybe work in a comic book or a novel, but not on TV, no.
Yeah, it reminds me way too much of the X-Men/Star Trek novel. Kind of a fun read, but I never ever want to see that kind of nonsense onscreen.
Quite right. Doing a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover wouldn't serve any meaningful dramatic purpose. It would just be to have fun -- a juvenile indulgence the boys at Star Trek were quite above.

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you have Doctor Who crossover with Star Trek, not seriously, you could have him trapped on a planet that has based its development on Star Trek, but not an actual crossover. There is no way you could match the timelines.
Is there some law out there that says that every episode of either series has to be in continuity with every other episode? Is there any particular reason they couldn't do an episode that is intentionally set outside of both Trek and Whoniverse canon? There's really no need to mach up timelines.

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It would have been a logistical nightmare to make though. Two very different shows made not just in two different countries, but in two different continents, one airing on national UK tv and the other a syndicated US show?
ENT aired on the network UPN; it was not syndicated.
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