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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

First time watcher checking in again.

Hooray! I've finally finished season one. The ending arc was every bit as good as it was hyped to be. These last three or four episodes of the season was the first time that I felt I was watching a really great show. How awesome is Scorpius?

Crichton masquerading as a peacekeeper was loads of fun, even if his accent was terrible. Though, I suppose that was kind of the point.

Now I'm two episodes into season two and I'm busy being thrown off by the changes to the character designs. It took me a little while to realize what was so weird looking about D'argo-- his beard! Or sideburns! Or whatever they are! Omg! Actually I think I'm used to those now, but what's really messing with me is the changes to the Rygel puppet. I had grown so attached to the original one that every time he comes onscreen it jars me out of the storyline a bit. I suppose I'll get used to it eventually.

Anyway, glad I bought the set, and am really enjoying it at this point.

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