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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

I had a major Farscape marathon tonight (Screw all the stuff that was on TV like the Simpsons or Chuck or stuff like that, I don't watch so might as well) and got up to Unrealized Reality. Some thoughts on the episodes I did see:

John Quioxte - Yes I probably spelt that wrong, but it's late and I don't feel like looking it up. I will say though it was one of wackiest episodes this series has done, probably moreso than Ravenging Angel. This one also gives John the Lakka, which I hope doesn't go that long (It's been a few years, I forgot a lot of the pre URR storylines).

A Prefect Murder - People didn't like this episode? Other than the beginning with the odd editing that didn't mean anything other than reminding me of Star Trek's Friday's Child, I really dug this one. Not the best episode, but nowhere near as bad as the next one:

Coup By Clam - I think this might be the weakest one of the season. Just didn't like the sexist and disgusting tones of this one, even though it was really cool seeing John back in the Season 2-3 outfits again and he lost the short jacket.

Something else I noticed too, I understand the need for the "Previously on Farscape's" but there is a part of me that wishes they hadn't included it on the DVDs. How many times have they shown the Aeryn is with Child scene from Dog with Two Bones? It's repetitive. Yes, we know there is a pregnancy storyline going on. Even viewing it on a weekly basis, the episodes make us aware of that.

Now we get to the good parts of Season 4. Looking forward to the home stretch, and man when am I going to find time to watch the entire Peacekeeper Wars mini. Probably this weekend if I get there, even though Hurt Locker and Moon comes out this week.

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