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To your planet welcome! I here am new

Yes it was a shameless quote. You'll have to imagine my blue face and feathery eye brows. I accidentally came across your forum looking for a copy of the blueprints from TOS that I had when I was a kid. For a reason I can't quite explain I've tried recently to replace a lot of the toys and collector's items I had as a kid. I think its because they came from a simpler time. Crazy as this may sound I find myself looking for comfort in my old hero characters occasionally. Especially after the last 18 months of hell we've all been thru. Reality sucks and Kirk and Spock my be melodramatic but they never lied to us and we always knew where they stood.

Sorry, lol that sounded preachy. I didn't mean it to. I'm very pleased to have found you. I look forward to get to know you better.

PS- NCC = Naval Construction Code. It was in one of the books a LONG time ago. I saw that debate in one of the threads but I'm damned if I can find it again, sorry. Had a pretty good laugh about it tho
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