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Re: Modified TOS Ent - Wallpapers

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Interesting. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Still, interesting.

For now, pretty sure E's dome vanes both spin inwards though (opposite direction).

I think it's a great start (pun unintended). It's really hard to judge the overall concept in this early test run though (i.e., brightly-illuminated surroundings, not in space, none of the energy effects Vektor mentioned earlier, etc.). And after all, this is only the first trial run... it's only going to get better!

My only comment for now: Try rendering how it looks without the spike rotating.

btw, I am pretty sure I've seen clips from the original series effects where the vanes spun in the same direction and in opposition (both clockwise/counterclockwise and vice-versa). Star Trek had more than one effects house in Hollywood doing the visual effects, which is why the quality of the F/X and the appearance of the Enterprise herself varied so much onscreen. I think an argument could be made for just about ANYTHING based on those "canonical" inconsistencies... LOL!
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