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Re: TOS-Remastered: Fantastic, CGI: a waste of time

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Get the gist, pal? Prob'ly not.

edit addon: Do you get a kickback for every time you use the old 'opinons like assholes' chestnut? Because it is way past its sellthrough, and you seem to trot it out pretty regularly.

Ohh I do get the gist...and your implications are always abundantly clear. Just like a broken record,you bring out YOUR opinion more often than I use that phrase...

In fact your opinions are often so predictable, I often can almost see exactly where in a thread you will trot them out,and keep whipping that outdated horse over and over...

But as you appear to ignore the rest of my post..I'll trot out my opinion of your opinions..

Total intolerance to change for a property you really don't own.

I really don't have an issue with you wanting to see the original..after all it's what I grew up with..but the smugness and condescending language you use to decry those who disagree with your opinions about this subject just leads me to reiterate the fact you sound like the following..

Fandamentalists. (noun, pl.); fans who violently believe the only valid interpretation of any entertainment source is a dogmatic adherence to their favorite version of that source. Any change to the smallest detail is inherently unacceptable (see also heresy) and met with frantic scorn.
please read the entire link below for exactly how silly you are sounding...
How much are you going to pay me for my time to read something YOU recommend? Suggestion: aim HIGH ...
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