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Re: TOS-Remastered: Fantastic, CGI: a waste of time

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Truer words were only rarely spoken. Maybe they can put this in front of any new thread that gets onto the subject. For me, I just take the -r in TOS-r to mean retarded.

Opinions are like assholes..everybody's got one..

So pal lets get the gist of this..

You dislike TOS-R because of it's VERY existence..
... For reasons that I have clearly specified, in this thread and in others. Mutilating/altering a finished piece of work to widen appeal long after the fact is a slope that just keeps getting steeper, with more and more artistry being lost along the way (with more and more product being altered) to the lowest common denominator.

Get the gist, pal? Prob'ly not.

edit addon: Do you get a kickback for every time you use the old 'opinons like assholes' chestnut? Because it is way past its sellthrough, and you seem to trot it out pretty regularly.

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