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Re: Maria Menounos: Genre babe of the week #2 (Jan. 2010)

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Wait, she's from Boston? Can I change my vote?
This is who you gave a thumbs sidways to: I think I know the answer, but who is your favorite Patriot?

Menounos: Well, not this season. Tom has come back from his injuries and been great, but Wes Welker has been consistent the whole year and I really firmly believe we're in the playoffs because of him. What happened to him was absolutely tragic last week, and I was actually crying while watching because I just knew what that injury meant. And it was so moving because I've never seen a player crying when he's injured. And he was emotional and it was because he knew it was over. I couldn't handle it. I was wailing. What are the keys to the game for New England?

Menounos: I think it lays on our defense and Brady, specifically Brady really connecting with Randy Moss as they've done in the last couple of games. They also need Julian Edelman to step up in place of Welker. If those things happen and our defense is tight, I don't think anyone can stop us. And certainly not Baltimore. Prediction?

Menounos: Patriots 24, Ravens 17.
Now I regret not voting thumbs down.
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