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Re: eBook Formats and Readers ?'s

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I went to Best Buy to check out the Sony PRS300 Pocket Reader. Appears to work well. Did seem a little slow to change pages sometimes. I would not have problem using it. I think I'll go to Barnes and Nobel to look at the nook to. It supports ePub, PDF and a few others. It's $60 more, but may be worth it.

I wish the Book industry would learn the lesson that the Music industry is slowy learning. People do not like DRM. It's a pain to work with. I only buy MP3's and they are supposedly water marked with info linking them back to me. But I can transfer them from machine to machine, without dealing with the stupid license files. Makes backup's easier to.
Currently, the nook's firmware is rather buggy. It seems to have been rushed to market.

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Went to look at the Nook last night. I like it more than the Sony PRS300 Pocket Reader. The 3G was not very reliable, but I was in a downtown building. Going to check out at another store which has a better trained sales rep. The reps downtown tried, but they had not had much training on the device.

I was wondering if the publishers were going to follow a trend I've seen with DVD's. a number of new movies have a digital download when you by the DVD. I wonder if publishers will do that with books. Anyone heard if they're thinking about something like that?
Personally, I think the Sony Reader PRS-900 blows away the nook big time.
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