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Re: TOS-Remastered: Fantastic, CGI: a waste of time

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Truer words were only rarely spoken. Maybe they can put this in front of any new thread that gets onto the subject. For me, I just take the -r in TOS-r to mean retarded.

Opinions are like assholes..everybody's got one..

So pal lets get the gist of this..

You dislike TOS-R because of it's VERY existence..even though you have any and all versions of TOS freely available and don't have to watch it at all..but show contempt for those who actually enjoy it..such as myself...

You sound much like the following..

Fandamentalist (noun, pl.); fans who violently believe the only valid interpretation of any entertainment source is a dogmatic adherence to their favorite version of that source. Any change to the smallest detail is inherently unacceptable (see also heresy) and met with frantic scorn.
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