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Re: Frank Darabont's The Mist *SPOILERS*

^ I agree. One of the things this filmed touched on was the stress of the situation and how it altered the once rational people trapped in that grocery store. Without any hope of escape, rescue or information from the outside, they all slowly turned into desperate animals. We don't really know HOW we will cope until we are placed in those circumstances. Do any of us know how we would respond to being constantly hunted/haunted by the constant threat of being eaten by something we can't see or understand?

As for the ending, I loved it. It was dramatic and hit you like a steam engine. It left me raw for days and really made me think about the gravity of my own choices. One woman made the choice to leave the store and risk her life to save her children. She survived. The other characters chose to play it safe and ended up destroying each other or themselves.

And for all those horror buffs out there, you MUST see this film in black and white. It turns a blood and guts movie into a tight psychological thriller.
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