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Re: Netflix and Warner Brothers Reach Deal

If there's a way to do it on Netflix, I haven't found it. Anyone know? It seems like an obvious thing.

It can't be automatic because what if you wanted to see disk 2 first for some reason. And I can't figure out how to set it. There should be a little "link" icon like they use in Photoshop layers, that you can click for each DVD you want in your chain. (Move the little "top" icon over to the right but still before the movie title.)

I'd put the icon greyed out between the list-order number and the movie title. Click all the DVDs you want in the chain to activate the icon - everyone will understand that intuitively.

And not just TV shows, if for some reason you want unrelated movies to arrive in a certain order, regardless of wait listing, why not let people do that?

but I still contend that you guys are the "power users" on Netflix, and not representative of the bulk of their customers.
If the bulk of their customers don't like the way Netflix does things, why are they customers? The situation will sort itself out. I don't care if other people want to bail.
Could see broadcast television going away completely at some point, being replaced by a version of TIVO-like service where everything is available, and new stuff just shows up on the weekly schedule...
Who's going to pay for production of those shows? I wonder if Netflix would ever be able to move into content production - I'm not sure if their subscription model would support that. OTOH, they have a direct two-way link to their customer base and could use that in innovative promotional ways, such as polls asking people if they would like this or that genre produced, even getting into details like favorite actors. Netflix is in prime position to really take advantage of social networking for promotional purposes.
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