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Re: Netflix and Warner Brothers Reach Deal

Why are so many people so happy with the Netflix service, if the common experience seems to be rarely getting new releases anytime near when they come out?
Because I don't care about the timing of the DVDs. The releases aren't really "new" anyway - the movies are new and top of mind when they're in the theaters. If I didn't bother to go see them at that point, then I don't care about them enough to care when I see them. A month more or less doesn't matter in the least to me.

If something is wait-listed, all that means is that something else I wanted to see bobs to the top of the list and comes instead. As long as I'm always getting things I want to see - and there's nothing in my queue I don't want to see - why should I care about the order in which it arrives?

My one criticism is that when a TV series moves from saved to active, sometimes the first DVD is wait listed because everyone wants to see that first. If I don't monitor my queue, I might get the second DVD first. Netflix could solve that by letting you link the DVDs; if the first one is wait listed, the subsequent ones are held. That would be easy for them to implement and I've emailed them about it, but so far, no dice. Kind of a small tweak anyway. I'm always checking my queue just to add new stuff so monitoring it isn't burdensome.
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