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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

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Forgive me my friends, for I have sinned. I was with some friends last night and we were kept from our normal plans by the weather, so we decided to hang out and play Rock Band. Well, I needed to buy another guitar since there were four of us and I didn't want anyone left out (I'd been meaning to buy one for a while) but the only thing that Wal-Mart had was the Guitar Hero 5 game and guitar bundle. I bought it. I bought a Guitar Hero game. I'm so so sorry. Can I ever be forgiven?
It's actually better then 3 and 4, plus the controllers are better then the RB ones...
I think GH3 is the best of the Neversoft bunch, but yeah, the GH5 controller is good. Blows away anything from MTV/Harmonix.

Oh, and AiC is great, but they haven't made for the most interesting guitar charts. I'll buy it anyway, but I'm guessing it'll end up being in the 'songs I like to listen to, but not play' pile.
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