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Re: Frank Darabont's The Mist *SPOILERS*

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Yes, I dare say it was perfect. These people had barely slept for days. Sleep deprivation FUCKS. WITH. YOU. I still remember the bronchitis I had around New Years 2008 through most of January. It's 2 years later and I remember. I went for four days with--literally--about one hour of sleep total and I was a sobbing, raving lunatic asking my then husband to take me to the hospital, that maybe they could give me drugs from the psych ward to knock me out but wait....would I choke to death on the mucus in my system? My mind was a convoluted mess. I was telling my husband what funeral arrangements to make. I was so brutally exhausted from illness and lack of sleep that my rational thought processes were completely gone. Can I believe that a group of people who've experienced the death of their loved ones, who've been trapped in a supermarket for days with little sleep and seen people getting torn apart and eaten would make the decision they made to end it all rather than get eaten....or watch a son get eaten or starve? You'd better believe it.
That is heavy - and indeed seems to prove the point.
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