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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Hi Los and Kes,

Sorry haven't been around - was off sick thursday and friday, just starting to feel better today.

You've both made some interesting suggestions for the different characters of Restoration - love it!

Taken one by one...

Captain Sarine played by Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson... Not sure about either of those. I don't remember whether I ever actually mentioned skin colour for Sarine, because I have to admit that in my head I seem played more by a Sam L Jackson than a Bruce Willis. The shaven head - definitely. I think he needs that bad-ass, I'll kick you to kingdom come if you cross me kind of fibe, and Sam Jackson has that down to a tee, along with the more settled, wise side to things that he has as Mace Windu.

Someone else I just thought of for Sarine - how about Edward Norton?

Kalara as played by Michelle Rodriquez - Love it! Nothing more to say.

Ly'et as played by Angelina Jolie - had never thought about that before, but I like it!

Astrid as played by Elisha Cuthbert, Mila Jovovich or Rachel Nicholls... Hmm, I think I would go more with Rachel Nicholls, I think she'd better handle the mixture of sexy, dangerous and slightly crazy.

Doctor Malok as played by Carl Lumbly - Hell YES!

Lizabeth as played by Melissa Georges - love it

Benjamini as played by Lena Olin - Ooh, she has suddenly become a hell of a lot sexier than I imagined her, but I really, really like this casting call!

Jasto Dax as played by James Franco - I've already said in an earlier post that I really love this, I can definitely see him playing both sides of this character.

As for Damien and Ianto - I actually had Ianto as being a Data clone, so have Mr. Data himself, Brent Spiner. If anyone else has any other ideas, I'm all ears.

Damien... Hmmm. I was thinking along the lines of James Spader or Michael Shanks for that role, actually. Any thoughts on that?

Anyway, thanks so much for this, so much fun to see your ideas. If anyone knows of a good person to have do fakes of actors, I'd love to be able to show a cast reel of these actors playing the parts!

More Restoration up tomorrow I hope!

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