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Re: Frank Darabont's The Mist *SPOILERS*

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The tragic thing is...that gigantic animal that destroyed their will to live probably would pay no more attention to them than my cats pay to ants (about the same size scale). The giant animal was more likely a predator on all the horrific huge creatures they'd already seen. Just knowing that - that they were effectively ants in this new ecosystem - is the thing that really destroyed their morale. It's the shock of realizing that human are not always destined to be the pinnacle of evolution. Not even close.

Death is abrupt. The ending was honest in that way.
Let me correct you on that.

The characters had a choice on whether or they wanted to was the movie itself that ended abruptly...

True, their morale obviously was hit, but looking at them....they didn't seem as different than the people they had left at the market.

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I loved that! The world is FUCKED! You can think you did the right thing but it turns out to be FUCKED! It's honest, don't you see that? Finally a movie doesn't feed us the usual Disney bullshit. Do the right thing and everything will be okay. When does that actually happen in real life? Only by random accident. Just as likely, you do the right thing, and the result it totally FUCKED!
Joel Kirk wrote:
And it brings up the point of whether or not her character was 'pure hearted;' a reason her character survived...
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"Pure hearted?" what Disney bullshit is this! People don't survive by being "pure hearted." They survive by 1) being more viciously ruthless than the other guy and 2) random accident. And really more 2) than 1). Any delusion you've had that you're in control of your life is just a fantasy you tell yourself in order to keep going. When you finally accept the truth, the ending of this movie is what happens. You people are afraid to recognize the fundamental truth at the heart of it, which is why you say it's a "bad" ending. What it is is an unusually truthful ending for a Hollywood flick.
Oh, it's not Disney bullshit, I assure you...

Again, comparing 'The Mist' to 'Night of the Living Dead' where all the characters die by whatever means...we somewhat accept that because everything is so random.

We don't get an explanation on where the zombie infestation came from, but we get ideas in television clips; and we kind of accept what happens in the end because we know the characters...and we have someone to root for.

'Dawn of the Dead' originally had the surviving characters die, but was changed to where their fate is left open as they leave the mall in a helicopter....(I'm referring to the superior original, not the Snyder version...)

And the world was looked at as fucked too; actually, no one knew whether or not the zombie infestation was regulated to one area, or the entire world.

In the course of the film, DOTD (Dawn of the Dead) characters we've grown to like--and think are going to survive--die...

On the other hand, after 'The Mist'....there is no explanation, nothing on what or where that mist came from. Are these people crazy? Are they hallucinating? Is this a dream? What?

If we were to compare to Night of the Living Dead, let's say the main character woke up from his dream of zombie infestation, found people lying outside his home dead with gunshot wounds, no living soul in sight...then, for no reason, he decides to commit suicide as well.

Sudden end of movie.

We don't know if there was a zombie infestation, if it was part of his dream, or what? We have no context of anything, actually....(That is the way I felt about The Mist).

Furthermore, going back to 'The Mist,' you have no one to root for. If everyone is going to die, killing themselves, slaughtering people--talking about the cast as a whole--showing they don't care....why should I, as a viewer, care?

Like you mentioned, we have a world that is fucked, characters we don't give a fuck about....Okaaay...

Why am I investing time--a little over 2 hours--in this film....?

Why should I give a fuck?


Silent Hill is another example: We don't get any explanation at the end of the film of what is happening, only a shot of a bush....(Of course, Silent Hill had huge plot holes anyway; it didn't even explain why Pyramid Head was there....he just was).

I used to give it a pass because of Rahda Mitchell and her outfit, and Laurie Holden and her

And Laurie Holden was in two movies involving mists, and dies in both....!

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Joel_Kirk wrote: View Post

She did survive?

Oooo, I don't want to have to watch it again.

That's interesting, though....

And it brings up the point of whether or not her character was 'pure hearted;' a reason her character survived...
I believe we get a glimpse of her in the back of a transport truck that's driving by with other refugees.
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