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Re: Netflix and Warner Brothers Reach Deal

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Great that people are giving their personal experiences as to why this won't bother them, but I still contend that you guys are the "power users" on Netflix, and not representative of the bulk of their customers. Not to say that regular users aren't watching old movies, but I'd wager that for a large majority of the users, the bulk of their queues are filled with new releases, and movies that have come out in the last 3 months or so.
And see, I'd wager the opposite. My experiences and the conversations I've had with others who use netflix, it's about catching up with things you haven't seen, like TV, and not the new releases.
Same here. I know a ton of people who use Netflix, and they rarely use it to watch new releases. It's all about watching stuff they never saw the first time around or have missed due to scheduling conflicts (most Netflix users I know watch more TV shows than movies).

If people really want to see a new release these days, I think they're more likely to buy it (or to have already seen it in theaters).
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