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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx


Ba'el Sarine: BRUCE WILLIS (I'm not a huge fan of Willis, I admit. He has always seemed a bit opaque to me, perhaps even two dimensional. Oddly, I think, his best roles have been characters who seem to have been bludgeoned into a semblance of opacity or two-dimensionality---emotionally damaged cops, a ghost, action heroes, etc... Sort of casting veritae, after the manner of casting Keanu in Bill and Ted's or as Neo in the Matrix. Also, Willis's default facial expression seems to be brooding, resignedly put-upon, close to the brink, fire-and-ice, able to do just about whatever he has to. And the bald-head is awesome. All that's how I think of Sarine.)
or MEL GIBSON (Dont hate me for suggesting him. He quite bothers me, I admit. But I think he does "implacable and immovable" better than almost anyone. And he looks like he's got an active volcano not too far beneath the surface. This is a dangerous man.)

Kalara: MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ (I'd love if Rodriguez were a little taller. But she is indisputably badass. She embodies barely reigned in truculence. She's seething, like a beautiful, caged panther or something. A little weight training and Rodriguez would make a great klingon woman.)

Ly'et: ANGELINA JOLIE (Even aside from their species' gene pool, I have a very strong sense of the Cardassian personality as seductively reptilian: aggressive-passive-aggressive, simultaneously confrontational and ophidian. I think Jolie would look amazing in the Cardassian make-up, and the starfleet uniform. And the scene where she's walking down the hall ahead of Colin Groves brought her to mind right off. She just radiates mystique.)

The Klingon Doctor: CARL LUMBLY (Lumbly plays the role of the character regretting but heroically bearing up under his unfortunate, outcast state.)

Astrid: MILA JOVOVICH (She is great at submerged and/or multiple personalities---see "The Messenger" and "Resident Evil." I always find her frustration and fury very convincing and compelling. And she can fight!)
or RACHEL NICHOLS (As a blond. She can seem deceptively simpering. But there's steel there, just underneath.)

Lizabeth: MELISSA GEORGE (She plays cold and ruthless soooo well. I could see her playing Colin like a Vulcan lute.)

Benjamini: LENA OLIN (An underrated actress. She's got an "old-world" kind of gravitas that is both slightly threatened and threatening at the same time. She would kill your mother and convince you that it really was for the best, and what else could she have done, really?... And she's an attractive enough mature woman that I could see Colin having thoughts about her when he initially meets her and kisses her hand. After she gets over being flttered for a minute, she's have him for a midday snack.)

Jasto Dax: JAMES FRANCO (Broken boy. Charming, even when depressed. Still waters run deep and drowning. Pretty. Brooding. Self punishing. He does confidently slimy and creepy really well.)

I'm wracking my brain thinking of someone to play Ianto and Damien. (For Keene, I wish actor Will Patton were ten years younger. He's awesome, and so convincingly unlikeable.)

mmm, now I need a snack...
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