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Re: "Star Wars: Ep I" radio serial possibility

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^And best of all, they could recast Anakin. Get someone who actually knows how to perform with his voice. Maybe Matt Lanter from The Clone Wars.
I remember when I saw EpII AOTC I felt the production sound was noisy when the edited the dialogue you could hear lots of noise in that center channel under dialogue during the digital screening.
So using the production sound wouldn't be too good for an audio-only radio serial.
Mix magazine had it in the article:
The disadvantage of filming high-definition, or at least the way that it was implemented on Episode II, was the amount of noise-producing equipment added to the set: plasma screen monitors, HDCAM decks, hard drives, associated video testing gear, etc. Supervising sound editor Matthew Wood says, "There was a constant drone. I brought [dialog re-recording mixer] Michael Semanick in early to see how much of the noise we could get rid of. Most of it we could, but sometimes we had to loop lines because the noise was dynamic and broadband.

Production sound was recorded by Paul "Salty" Brincat,

Brincat notes that the noises on the set, including wind machines and mechanical devices, made it "a difficult film to record sound on. George shooting wide and tight [simultaneously] makes it almost impossible to use boom microphones. You can only do so much before getting in the way of the picture."
2002 article in Mix magazine

Yeah I'd totally be for replacing Hayden Christensen's voice 'for performance' um, oh yeah and that technical thing of noise...too...uh, yeah...
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