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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

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I'm really sick of having to rebuy everything I like every time some schmuck develops a new video format.
We should insist that the technology should not be allowed to advance?
We should insist that players for past formats remain available at a reasonable cost, forever.

I have thousands of dollars worth of Laserdiscs. I'm on my third player, this one a rebuild of an 80s model from a specialty place. How long will I be able to get replacement players? How should I feel about spending over $100 each for Critereon Collection discs of my favorite films, only to have the format die?

When my last Beta player died, and I couldn't find a new one anywhere because they were no longer manufactured, I threw away over 300 tapes of favorite TV episodes (some that still aren't available on DVD) and movies.

Having purchased some films on Beta, VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD, am I supposed to feel excited that they're now available on yet another new format? Or should I be slamming my head against a brick wall in frustration, like I'm tempted to do?

When the next post-DVD, Post-Blu-Ray format comes out (no doubt something along the line of datasticks with no moving parts, or direct-downloads), and manufacturers stop making Blu-Ray players, how should we feel?

And please don't say something techno-elitist like "all you have to do is transfer stuff to the new format." Who the hell has the time to do something like that with a huge coillection? Hell, we still have "regular-8mm" family films from the 40s and 50s that we haven't gotten around to putting on VHS yet! Not to mention tape-sync-sound super-8 films from the 70s that can never be transferred because it was a fleeting format that didn't last, and the equipment can't be found any more.

Hey, now, there's a format cascade: home movies! Let's see, we've had (just in our family) 16mm, 8mm, super-8, super-8 tape-sync sound, super-8 mag-stripe sound (50ft and 400ft), Portable Beta with separate camera, portable VHS with separate camera, and finally VHS-C. I managed to skip the DVD cams 'cause I couldn't afford them, and now they're obsolete too. Now I'm looking at VHS-C being unavailable and probably having to buy a digital camcorder that takes SDD or flash cards - which is very cool, but I still can't play Dad's 8mms from the 40s.
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