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Re: Netflix and Warner Brothers Reach Deal

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Just an odd question, after reading through some of this thread: Why are so many people so happy with the Netflix service, if the common experience seems to be rarely getting new releases anytime near when they come out?

I use the Blockbuster Online service (basically the same thing, less streaming), and rarely get stuck waiting for a new release movie. Sometimes have to wait a long time for old, less-mainstream releases, but I get new releases pretty quickly. I put most of them in when they are in the theaters, and it just bumps them up to available when released, and off they go. I have a blockbuster near me, and instead of mailing the movie back, I can just trade it in at the store for another movie, which helps in the rare cases where a movie I want has a long wait time.

Just seems like everyone is raving about the service, while all having the same complaint about inability to get new releases in a timely manner. I'd be pissed about that, because I'm paying for this service to AVOID having to pay in a store. If the solution to getting movies I want quickly is to go in and pay the store anyway, the service isn't much of a benefit, IMO.
I simply have so many movies and TV shows in my queue that I don't even notice if a new release is unavailable for a short period of time. If there is something that I really want to watch as soon as it's released, chances are it's also something that I would like to own. For renting purposes, I don't even notice. There are so many other things that I want to watch.
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