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Re: Frank Darabont's The Mist *SPOILERS*

HunterB5446 wrote: View Post
Don't get me wrong, I was disapointed, but then I thought to myself, I would do the same thing and that's why it's a good ending because it made me reconsider my will to live.Besides, with Stephen King I sort of expect a wiered ending.If "It" would have ended that way, I would have Bern pissed. I guess it depends on the circumstance .
I need to see 'It'....(the fillm 'It' that is)...

Something about that clown....

LitmusDragon wrote: View Post
The ending was better than the cornball one we got in I Am Legend, but not as good as the end of The Descent.

I'm not sure why I'm comparing these three films. Maybe because they are all pseudo-scientific horror.
I still haven't seen I Am Legend; the ending is probably the reason.

Beyond Antares wrote: View Post
I didn't like the ending, either. What really ruined it, imo, wasn't so much the 'not finding fuel thing' - although that did bother me as well. Rather, it was the fact that the army arrives just after he does the deed. Yes, it's only a movie. Yes, there are coincidences in movies. But this one just felt too damn contrived.

And I also hated how the woman who wanted to go back to her children survived at the end, as if to say 'See? You should have helped her' or something. Any reasonable person would not have helped her.
She did survive?

Oooo, I don't want to have to watch it again.

That's interesting, though....

And it brings up the point of whether or not her character was 'pure hearted;' a reason her character survived...

Gaith wrote: View Post
Joel_Kirk wrote: View Post
It's like having--even though I haven't seen the film, but I know of the actual woman--Erin Brockovich be so determined for most of the film...and suddenly, towards the end, give up with no reason.
We can look at another character: Rocky Balboa. He goes through majority of the film (the first) determined to get his shot, but at the very last minute he gives up...We're not told why...he just gives up...
Which part of "people living in the middle of extremely traumatic circumstances sometimes make sudden and rash decisions" would you like help understanding?

True, true....but we've had that same story before, and there was always one or two characters who remained 'sane'....i.e The Twilight Zone episode, 'The Monsters are due on Maple Street'...'Night of the Living Dead'...etc....

And even Night of the Living Dead had everyone die, but we accepted it because of the storytelling.

In 'The Mist' we don't know if they are hallucinating; we do hear some dialogue from the military characters, but we don't know if what they say is true or not...and we don't hear anything about the 'portal' until The Mist covers the area...

And if it was 'real,' was it only affecting the mean-hearted individuals?

There is no explanation; and again, as I'm expecting this explanation, the characters give up....and die....
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