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Re: Netflix and Warner Brothers Reach Deal

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I have never had any trouble with Netflix, the rates are cheaper than Blockbuster Online, and their customer service is top notch. I just get a much better value from Netflix. I tried Blockbuster Online, and they managed to screw up 3 shipments in 2 weeks, their customer service charged me for two "lost" DVDs, and it took a month to get them to reverse the charges, and they were not friendly doing it.

Wow, you were charged? I've never been charged for lost DVDs. Never.
Yep. They didn't believe they were lost. Seriously.

And I don't think I've ever gotten the wrong DVD from Netflix...I've gotten a cracked one...and upon reporting sent out a new one even before receiving the old.
Exactly. Blockbuster's biggest disadvantage (aside from their shipping and charging issues) is their customer service. With Blockbuster I was treated as a leech, someone causing trouble. With Netflix, I'm treated as a good customer, and it is appreciated.
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