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Audio-only & radio serial of 'Star Wars'

hey guys I'm enjoying the replies.
Perhaps it would be good to do a test and put on a DVD of an episode and face away from the TV and or plug headphones into the DVD player (if it has a jack) or into your stereo receiver headphone output.
The imagination will wander and fill in the gaps.
Since TV is such a passive medium it has been said that studies have shown that people generally switch off a certain mental process after 20 minutes or so of TV viewing.
By just using the audio via headphones in a darkened room you are creating the visuals, from memory, or if you have never seen a particular episode completely from your imagination.

On a similar note I remember being a kid and my mom allowing me to use her clock radio to listen to a program at night that was a radio drama of Star Wars .
An expanded radio dramatization of the original Star Wars trilogy was produced in 1981,
based on A New Hope
produced and broadcast by National Public Radio as part of NPR Playhouse.
The radio serials were made with the full co-operation of George Lucas,
Lucas also allowed the use of original sound effects and music from the films.

Many of the actors involved in the movie were unavailable to reprise their roles...
Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels returned to reprise their roles as Luke Skywalker and C-3PO respectively.

Star Wars: A New Hope is a 13-part (5hr51m) radio serial first broadcast on National Public Radio in 1981. It was adapted by Brian Daley from the original film, and directed by John Madden, with music by John Williams and sound design for Lucasfilm by Ben Burtt.
They went on to do Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in 1983 & Star Wars: Return of the Jedi as radio serials in 1996.
These days it's available under the audio books section
perhaps the most ambitious radio project ever attempted
I was only been age 7 at the time and was too young to know the difference of the actors from the film or whatnot but I was totally into it and my imagination ran with it and I loved it.
Remember this was before consumer home video on VHS was widespread as it really took off in the mid-1980s most American's had not really seen Star Wars or The Empire Strikes Back except during initial run at cinema, on TV or at a special cinema screening in 1981. It had only been a year since The Empire Strikes Back was at the cinema.

Now that was obviously created for audio-only but something like that allows you to use your imagination and picture a scifi/fantasy story sometimes even better than what is put on the screen (even with a feature film budget).

Don't underestimate the power of sound effects, music, and dialogue to carry a story. A Trek story can sometimes work with just these 3 things as it's been pointed out above.
Man I'd love to be able to have a audio-only Trek TOS or TNG episode created of an older series just out of dialogue recordings, sound FX, and older music. It's possible. We were discussing this sort of thing for the computer voice since Majel Barrett-Roddenberry passed away but the idea of using all of her original dialogue recordings to create a huge sample library of phrases, words, and syllables, consonants that could be used for any needed computer voice written.

In this day and age of visual everything I think Trek would never happen as a serialized radio program commercially. Yes some fan films have done audio-only but not nearly at the level that it could be done.

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