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Re: Netflix and Warner Brothers Reach Deal

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Just an odd question, after reading through some of this thread: Why are so many people so happy with the Netflix service, if the common experience seems to be rarely getting new releases anytime near when they come out?
I'm not a huge new release person. If I'm interested in a movie, I probably saw it in the movie theater four months prior to it's release on DVD.

Netflix has a HUGE selection of DVD's and online streaming...from the mainstream to the niche.

So, ultimately, I'm not getting it to get new releases, I'm getting to see things that I haven't seen.

And their customer service has been fantastic.

I use the Blockbuster Online service (basically the same thing, less streaming), and rarely get stuck waiting for a new release movie. Sometimes have to wait a long time for old, less-mainstream releases, but I get new releases pretty quickly.
Just the opposite with Netflix. And like I said, I don't need to watch something as soon as it hits the street.

Hell, I rarely BUY a DVD the day it comes out, I don't need to rent it that day.

I put most of them in when they are in the theaters, and it just bumps them up to available when released, and off they go. I have a blockbuster near me, and instead of mailing the movie back, I can just trade it in at the store for another movie, which helps in the rare cases where a movie I want has a long wait time.
I've never had a great experience with Blockbuster.

And when I want to watch something right away, and I'm waiting for the next DVD, which is like MAYBE two days, I can always watch streaming on my TV....with a TON of choices.

All for the low price of 8.99 a month...

Just seems like everyone is raving about the service, while all having the same complaint about inability to get new releases in a timely manner.
No one seems to be complaining about not getting new releases, for the most part people seem to be saying here that it doesn't bother them. That's hardly complaining.

I'd be pissed about that, because I'm paying for this service to AVOID having to pay in a store.
New releases seem to be very important to you. They aren't to me, and it seems not important to others on this board.

If the solution to getting movies I want quickly is to go in and pay the store anyway, the service isn't much of a benefit, IMO.
There's also Movies on Demand on cable.

If getting the new releases right away is THE most important thing to you, yeah, Netflix may not be the best thing.

But, if breadth of selection, both on DVD and Watch Now, with great customer service IS, well, then, I'm going with Netflix. My queue is FULL, literally. They will NOT let me add anymore...all of it filled with things I want to see. I'm not hurtin' for entertainment.
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