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Re: THOR And PIRATES 4 Take Advantage Of SPIDER-MAN 4 delay

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Wasn't Raimi talking about doing THE SHADOW, too? Now that I would love to see . . .
Yeah, he optioned the film rights to a number of pulp heroes, including the Shadow, Doc Savage, and the Avenger. He was considering whether to make individual films for each character or to have them all appear in one film together. I haven't heard anything about his involvement in developing these films for a while, though. Doc Savage is currently being developed at Sony with Neil Moritz producing and Shane Black working on the script. I don't know if Raimi's still involved or not.

While I heartily enjoyed the first two Raimi/Maguire Spider-Man films, at this stage I'd like to see the film series turned over to a new director and new lead, with Raimi turning his attention to films like Warcraft and The Shadow instead.
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