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Re: Netflix and Warner Brothers Reach Deal

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^ An online video game and a movie are completely different. There have been online only games for over 10 years now, long before talk of downloading games. Why would I spend $14 on a download when I can get a real copy for $15?
No, they're not. They're both digital, they both require a server side, they both require an account stored on the server, and they can be viewed at any time and require no physical media. They are very similar. There were no online only games at the level of WoW in 2000. Everquest had just came out and a lot has changed since then.

Also, I'm talking about what's coming. The future. The future is online streaming. We're seeing the first steps now, but the future is online streaming. I'm repeating myself because I have already said this, and you're still talking about paying $15 for something right now. The future is online streaming.

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Netflix is still thinking that downloading and viewing online is the future, they don't seem to get the fact that people like owning something real and not some downloaded thing that the company can come back and delete.
Um, Netflix is for RENTING movies. Who needs a physical DVD when you just have to give it back a few days later? An online rental can be watched whenever you want.
Exactly. Why should I need to buy a movie when I can watch it on Netflix for a low cost monthly subscription? On my Roku box I have hundreds of movies I can queue up in seconds, and they look better than DVD (on my connection anyway). I save space, I save time, no DVDs to accidentally break or lose, and I can watch them right now. It's extremely convenient. Just think: in the near future, there will be a much larger selection, and still just one monthly subscription.

I made a video to show just what you can do with Netflix, a Roku Box and a little time:

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