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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

Saw this aad in DW Magazine yesterday. They look awsome.

The Master in a hoodie, Bond in a bath robe and Ten all haggered. It looks awsome, ill be getting a set for sure.

And Matt Smith in Tens suit, excellent. I still have the regeneration set for nine and Ten back in 2006 knocking around somewhere.

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As for Wilf, is he really going to sell? that said he would be better than the Broken Cassanda frame.
Revolver and reindeer cap. Who wouldn't want a figure of WILF?!

LL. That destroyed Cassandra was terrible and completely pointless. I still see it in bargain bins everywhere, its like they cant give it away or something.

I'd buy Wilf. Next to Tennant he was the single most amazing part of the finale. The hat and reindeer element should be a seperate head as with the Fourth Doc figure, and have a telescope accesory.

Then a second wave with the gun pod on the ship.
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