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Agent Richard07
Re: Maria Menounos: Genre babe of the week #2 (Jan. 2010)

My first choice this year is Maria Menounos.

The first time I heard about her was a few years ago when she appeard at an award show. I don't remember if she was a correspondent or not. A lot of other people noticed her for the first time too because she made the news. Everyone was trying to find out who she was.

Over the years, she's worked as a correspondent for a number of entertainment shows and she's done a bit of acting. She was the hot nurse in Fantastic Four and she played a DEA agent on Knight Rider. Both times, I thought... "who is that?" before I realized it was her.

You've probably seen her Pantene commercials. Aragorn posted one. Here are three more...

I think she looks and sounds a lot like Erica Durance.

So, there you have it.
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