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Re: Summer 2010 catalogue details

What!? Wait! Now, I'm totally cool with the something-for-everybody approach to life. So, whether or not I like it has nothing to do with whether it's true or false, good or bad, or anything like that. I really hope you guys sell a lot of books.

But TIME is not real. It is something we create in the macroscopic universe of daily experience to make it easy to guess at how things change. In reality, there is only the present.

Time travel is a science fiction writer's conceit. It exists for one purpose, to create a problem, and the problem, in fiction, is the impetus of the work. In time travel fiction, the goal is almost always to correct things that went wrong. One wrong-headed person, for good or ill, uses time travel to change the past or learn the future, and things go wrong. Then the hero(es) have a long or short adventure that eventually results in some sort of acceptable outcome.

But this is all, as Christopher was so quick to tell me, fake. There really aren't time machines. And you know what, there can never be time machines. Because there is no such thing as time.

By the way, Christopher, nice straw man there. Nobody here advocated going back to the old cast, or any such thing. Straw man, all the way. What would be the point? Why, to tell a story, of course.
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