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Re: Summer 2010 catalogue details

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You can't know that, not unless you are J.J.Abrams. LOL! The "new timeline", which is technically an alternate timeline, can be destroyed as easily as it was created.
But what would be the point? It's not like you can go back to the old TOS cast. And let's face it, it'd be pretty silly to make new stories with 1960s sensibilities and technical limitations in the 2010s. (Sure, there are fan films that authentically recreate TOS's style, but they're not for profit and appeal to a niche audience. A tentpole motion picture franchise needs a broader appeal.) The new timeline is a license to modernize ST in its technology and storytelling while still acknowledging the continued existence of the Trek that came before.

Not to mention that the new movie was hugely successful and created a whole new audience for Star Trek. What possible reason would any sane filmmaker have for "destroying" something that's proven so successful?

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Except, if I understand the science accurately, you can't destroy a timeline. It can split it off again into another alternate timeline, but whether we see it or not this one will continue to chug along in it's own little corner of the multiverse, just like the Prime Universe has been since the Kelvin attack
Quite right. The filmmakers are using a model based in quantum physics, in which all alterations of history actually create parallel timelines rather than "destroying" or "overwriting" anything.

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The description of Seek a Newer World is confusing and unfocused. Someone needs to do a rewrite on that.
Someone already has.

I mean, as far as I can tell, Starfleet Command has assigned Kirk to keep an eye on himself, and the Klingons' stated motivation doesn't make any sense.
The version in the catalog is actually cut down from the draft cover blurb I saw, and apparently that sentence (the one about Kirk) was cut a bit too drastically.
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