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There's also a reverb effect, plus probably an EQ adjustment there too, as it sounds like some of the bass and treble of her voice has been removed.
That's almost as bad. I remember her as having a very beautiful voice, but all that processing ruins it.
It's a layered delayed chorus effect.

It's her vocals layered multiple times with very very minor time shifting.
There's a serious confusion about her vocals. She sings every vocal layer separately. Every vocal part is real, not a digitally modified version of a previous one. It's not a delayed chorus effect. Only reverb is used. As she mentioned in several interviews sometimes it takes weeks to sing all the vocal layers for one song. Sometimes she sings almost the same with a slight difference, sometimes you can hear the same melody sung one octave higher or lower and the resulting sound of these vocal layers is what you can hear in her music.
I think this is important, because that's why her sound is different from the sound of others trying to make something similar, using the digital approximation of this time-consuming technique. But human ear can easily notice the difference between the two.
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