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Re: Summer 2010 catalogue details

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Yeah, I know. And in a few years, I will probably read these. Right now, I don't want a petulant boy Spock or a deliquent boy Kirk.
Then you're in luck, because those aren't the Kirk and Spock featured in these books. Did you miss the third act of the film where they grew out of those stages and came closer to the Kirk and Spock we know?

It's good to see you guys have more work coming out, and I hope for your all to get a lot of royalties as S&S milks the current fad of totalling altering characters, which has done so much to get new audiences for Batman and X-Men.
What's wrong with trying to appeal to a new audience? It's what keeps a series fresh and alive. And it's hardly a fad. Storytellers have been retelling old tales and adapting them for new audiences and new eras since before writing was invented. That which cannot grow and change is doomed to stagnate and die.

Heck, Star Trek itself came about because Gene Roddenberry took old concepts from the prose science fiction of the 1930s-50s (along with a fair amount of the Horatio Hornblower novels from the same period) and repackaged them in a form that was fresh and new to 1960s audiences.

My hope is that, like all fads, this too shall pass, and you guys can get back to writing about the dignified grown-up characters we have loved for the last 40 years.
It's not an either-or situation. Pocket is continuing to publish books set in both continuities. And why shouldn't they? It's long been Pocket's strategy with ST to offer a wide range of titles to appeal to a wide range of tastes. There's no expectation that any given person is going to like every series that comes out, but given the diversity of the line, there should be something for everyone. This is just one more addition to the mix. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations and all that.
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